Better Life?
2020documentary theatreperformance

Better Life? is a documentary theater piece based on the same research as Home Away From Home. On a two-year interview journey, Fang Yun Lo and the artists Ngô Thanh Phương and Cheng-Ting Chen interviewed over one hundred people from the Vietnamese community in Germany and Taiwan.

The conversations they had about concepts such as home, identity, and family developed into touching miniatures that the audience can experience on a tour of the stage. In contrast to Home Away From Home, Better Life? is performed exclusively by four Vietnamese immigrants living in Taiwan.

Better Life? was commissioned for the Iron Rose Festival in Taoyuan, Taiwan. In 2021, Better Life? was shortlisted from among several hundred proposals for Taiwan’s renowned Taishin Arts Award, the most highly endowed art prize in Taiwan.

Better Life? has done a great job of showing the individuality of the four performers, giving them space to freely share memories and using a clear design to bring the four stories together into one narrative, a complete work that resonates. A good theater piece can both touch reality and open the hearts of the audience. Better Life? is such a piece.
Wei Wan Rong, Taishin ARTalks


  • Direction

    Fang Yun Lo
  • Performers

    Nguyen Thu Hang
    Phạm My Hạnh
    Teng Kuei Shuang
    Nguyen Ngoc Anh
    Nguyen Hong Dung
  • Artistic collaboration

    Ngo Thanh Phuong
  • Stage design, Technical lead, Lighting design

  • Music

    André Schallenberg
  • Production management

  • Stage manager

    Chiao Yu Chen
  • Video technician

    Hung Hsien Yu
  • Sound technician

    Wei Chi Chen
  • Technical implementation

    Wan Yu Lo
    Zhi Yun Yu
  • Marketing

    Bunny Hu
    Ya Chun Chang
  • Graphic design

    Ya Zhen Xiao


  • Production

    Polymer DMTEssen, DE
  • Coproduced with

    Taoyuan Iron Rose Arts FestivalTaoyuan, TW
  • Project funding

  • Languages

    Taiwanese Mandarin, Vietnamese
  • Duration

    60 min