My future land
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My future land is a theatrical action on democracy and community for a general audience aged 6 and over.

© by Stephan Floss
© by Stephan Floss
© by Stephan Floss
© by Stephan Floss
© by Stephan Floss

For us, this project is an experiment - there is no pre-composed piece and no audience, every performance starts anew. Nevertheless, it is not a workshop in the strict sense, but rather an action.
We are interested in a democratic process and an idea of community - working together, deciding together, creating together. With a small group of people (max. 15 people, aged 6 and over), we develop a large-format picture in a one-hour participatory process that brings together personal views of a place where we would like to live together. We use both self-made stamp templates and classic illustration techniques. The conversations and the creation of the picture are accompanied by a live musical background.
In the end, a joint picture is created that can be exhibited. In the case of several actions, a gallery of utopias can be created.

What is important is the form of creation as a democratic practice - the common ground is created from many views, it is evaluated, negotiated and corrected. These discussions are primarily conducted in German by Marie Schulze, but there is also the option of foreign-language rounds in English, Chinese or Indonesian. There is no fixed content, only the initial question about the ideal country (in the sense of a home) is fixed.

Target groups are either fixed groups such as school classes, but also mixed groups of all ages. Ideally, all those present are involved in the process, there are no spectators.

The action can take place with minimal technical and organisational effort in a wide variety of locations, both in theatre spaces and in classrooms, socio-cultural centres, galleries, museums, etc.


  • Artistic collaboration

    Fang Yun Lo
  • Artistic collaboration, Illustrator

    Agnes Gunawan
  • Artistic collaboration, Music (live)

    Marie Schulze
  • Artistic collaboration, Stage design