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"Kim" is a stage piece between dance, literature and film. The work is currently in progress and is scheduled for completion in autumn 2023. "Kim" is based on the novel "Wherever You Are" by the award-winning German-Vietnamese journalist and author Khuê Pham, who will be on stage herself.

A fantastic novel, captivating and moving. "Wo auch immer ihr seid" is a mirror of the present, told along the story of a family, shaped by war and flight, individual happiness and collective suffering, abundance and hunger, carelessness and heaviness, the open and the hidden, dreams and traumas.
Kübra Gümüşay

The novel "Wo auch immer ihr seid" by Khuê Phạm follows the effects of the Vietnam War and the resulting dispersion of the family to several continents. On this basis, the book explores the lostness between cultures, the speechlessness about the past and the relativity of concepts such as good and evil.

Together with Khuê Phạm and five dancers and performers, all of whom have intercultural experience themselves, we follow these traces with "Kim" and link them with our own - and the audience's - traces.

The experience of otherness and the conflict with the parents' generation is not an exclusively post-migrant experience. However, history condenses in these particular stories - they tell of people, of love, home and war.