Nano Giants
Ongoing2021dancefor young audiences aged 4+

NANO GIANTS is a journey through a theatrical wonderland where we explore the value of community. It is about simple but fundamental questions of human life: are we small or big, in relation to what and whom? What can we do alone? What can we only do together? Do we move, or are we moved?

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Six people from four countries – Germany, Taiwan, France, and Indonesia. They all have their own worlds in which they make music, draw, or dance, in which they work and dream, in which fish fly through the air, or things are very big or very small. These are beautiful worlds, magical and spacious. And everyone can do something that the others can't.

But the most exciting thing is exploring each other's worlds – because there is so much to discover and learn here. Together we can become even bigger and more colorful. No matter how small or insignificant a single person may be – together we are all giants.

Four dancers with different skills, from hip-hop to dance theater, from circus to parkour, share the stage with a musician and a illustrator conjuring up ever-new images directly on stage. Nano Giants is contemporary dance theater for audiences both young and old. Nano Giants playfully develops new ways to live and work together, and creates community utopias in all shapes and sizes together with the audience.


  • Dance, Co-Creation

    Hsiao-Ting Lee
    Baptiste Bersoux
    Salim Ben Mammar
    Chih Wen "Wind" Chung
  • Direction, Choreography

    Fang Yun Lo
  • Illustrator

    Agnes Gunawan
  • Music

    Marie Schulze
  • Stage design

  • Lighting design, Technical lead

    Max Rux
  • Video technician

    Bodo Gottschalk (STUDIO6)
  • Production management