Asia restaurant
Ongoing2022multimedia installation

Asia Restaurant is a space installation with video and sound recordings in an abandoned Asian restaurant in Essen's city centre. The installation is based on the stage piece "Home away from home" and is part of the exhibition "Folkwang and the City" as part of the 100th anniversary of the Museum Folkwang in Essen 2022.

© by Fang Yun Lo
© by Fang Yun Lo
© by Fang Yun Lo
© by Fang Yun Lo

The installation leads its visitors into an abandoned Asian restaurant. The stories of four migrants of Vietnamese origin are told, two of them are living in Germany and two in Taiwan.

The used video and sound material was created for "Home Away From Home", a documentary theatre piece for which Fang Yun Lo and her team interviewed people with a Vietnamese background in Germany and Taiwan.

Selected elements of the stage setting of the piece give an impression of the Taiwanese workers housing that Bui Van Quy tells his story in, a school table shows a part of the learning environment that Thuy Vo created in her language school in Essen. A restaurant table invites to listen to Phan My Nong’s story and Pham Minh Duc takes us along to his childhood in the East Germany.



  • Production

    Polymer DMTEssen, DE
  • Coproduced with

    Markus Ambach Projekte MAPDüsseldorf, DE
    Museum FolkwangEssen, DE
    "Folkwang and the City" is a project of the Museum Folkwang in cooperation with MAP Markus Ambach Projekte.
  • Languages

    Vietnamese, Taiwanese Mandarin, German
  • Available subtitles

  • Duration

    30 min.
  • Age recommendation